THKA —  Keynote Talk: Toward high precision position control using laser interferometry   (28-Jun-18   09:00—10:20)
Chair: C. Herbeaux, SOLEIL, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
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Toward High Precision Position Control Using Laser Interferometry: Main Sources of Errors  
  • S. Ducourtieux
    LNE, Trappes Cedex, France
  When designing or sizing a high precision positioning system using homodyne laser interferometry or when evaluating a measurement uncertainty of an already designed system, many error sources which can degrade the measurement precision have to be taken into account. Some errors originate from : -the mechanical and electronical integration of the interferometer (mechanical drift, dead path error, resolution limit, noise level, interpolation, cosine error, …) -the environment in which the instrument is installed (mechanical vibration, drift of environmental parameters like pressure, temperature, hygrometry, Edlen correction, air turbulence), -the optical components (mirror shape and roughness, orthogonality error), -intrinsic errors linked to the principles of interferometry (vacuum wavelength calibration of the laser source used, wavelength stability, calibration of environment sensor used for Edlen correction, beam profile quality,…) -… The given presentation will review the main errors sources, quantify and classify them by order of importance and establish the principle rules to achieve nanometer range precision when measuring displacements by interferometry.  
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